The physicians and staff of Schneider Medical Group truly care about the health and overall well-being of their patients, forming a wellness partnership that lasts for years and across generations.

Hear from some of their previous and current patients:

  • I was so blessed to have Dr. Inaam Schneider as my primary care doctor, and as my patient advocate for close to 5 years.  It is so rare, in this day and time, to find a doctor who is immensely committed and compassionate about the care provided to her patient's.  Dr. Inaam Schneider is very knowledgeable, professional, and down-to-earth.  She is very familiar at providing excellent care and keeps current with new treatments, medications, therapies, etc.  She also has a warm and welcoming bedside manner.  When you come for your appointment, once she enters the room, she puts all her focus and attention on the patient she is treating, and she doesn't mind spending time during your appointment to make sure all your questions and complaints are answered and addressed thoroughly.  If for some reason you need to be referred to a specialist, she has a great network of friends who are also physicians, and who also excel in their area of expertise.  When she provides care for her patient's, you get the utmost quality of care because she treats all of her patient's as she would her own family.  I highly recommend her as a primary care physician.

    Stacey Hayes
  • I was with this group of Physicians for 16 years before they moved to Raleigh.  I can tell you for sure that when they say you will have 1 hour of exam time it is because that is the way they have always practiced medicine.  The physicians at Schneider Medical Group will always listen to you and will keep you in the loop of your medical test, medicine, diagnosis, and any other route that you may need to take.  If you have a problem. they will find it and get you to the qualified Physician that can help you.  Both Physicians keep very detailed medical records on each patient, so therefor all your information that you want shared with you PCP will be sent.  One service you will receive from this group is an exam from head to toe.  This is not something they just started, but in fact they have always completed a total exam from head to toe.  When you leave from your visit you will know what I mean.  You will say....."my other Physician did not ever check that"! Sure miss these two wonderful Physician and have thought of driving 4 hours so that I can still see them. Good Luck Schneider Medical Group, PA.

    Stephanie Raby
  • While The Schneiders were practicing medicine in Our Great Little City of Hickory I had the opportunity to see both of them and can't recommend anyone any better or Professional than the two of them. My wife, her mother, my sister and wife and her mom were all her patients , and everyone in this town misses them with the exception of their competition. Congratulations and all The Best to The Schneiders and a news challenge as well as a new Chapter in Life!

    R. Larry Crouch
  • Dr. Inaam Schneider is a remarkable physician.  She listens and takes time to explain the details.

    Kathy Ludwig
  • I miss your care when you were in Hickory! You always went the extra mile to diagnose my condition. And with real concern for me as a person. I wish you weren't so far away.

    Joan Moran
  • I am the editor of http://www.eMaxHealth.com and would like to thank Schneider Medical Group for the care they provided me and my family members while in Hickory, NC. I am most thankful for their truly human and caring attitude to our health questions. I wish all of you much success and blessings in this new undertaking.

    Armen Hareyan
  • Two very dedicated people to the calling they were given. Dr. Inaam Schneider was my doctor and friend. She always gave me all the time I needed and listened to evaluate the whole person. She could see into my soul and identified with many of my feelings. My confidence level in her experience and knowledge was beyond measure. Since she has been gone from her practice in Hickory, I have felt that a part of me is missing. You can't find doctors like these who love their patients and want to improve the patient's life both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  God Bless them for their dedication to their patients.

    Brenda P Hartley
  • I would like to congratulate your new medical group. I would have to say that Inaam is like a sister to me. She treated me with the best care I've ever had. I was her patient for 18 years till she moved away. She always had time to talk to you about what was going on with you, and she had the most compassion than any other Doctor I've ever had. I was devastated when she left Hickory. I kept looking for a wonderful doctor like her. Not to be found these days, so I had to settle. My wishes to both of them is keep that love and compassion you've always had. Take time for your patients. Most doctors don't give you the time of day, the Schneider's always gave you time to discuss anything you needed to talk about. For 18 years I knew I was in the best hands I could be in except the Lord's. Miss you terribly, love and hugs to you both. I do hope the patients you have now, appreciate you as much as I and my daughter Lori did. Take care, love you always.

    Brenda Spears
  • How fabulous! Now I wish I lived in the Raleigh area instead of up in the mountains! I am so happy that people are going to have access to both of you again. I cannot tell you how wonderful you both were to Beemer and me while you were in Hickory and we were there also. Inaam, you always took time for me and were the best diagnostician I have ever encountered. Your understanding and your willingness to listen to your patients is your special gift. Thank you for returning to "public life!" My love and best wishes to you both for a very successful practice.

    Julia Rush
  • I'm so pleased to learn you are opening a new practice in Raleigh, although I would love you to be back here. For those who do not know you I want to tell you what a wonderful, caring person Dr. Inaam is. I've not had a complete physical since she left.  She examined thoroughly each visit, never rushed you, listened, let you cry on her shoulder. If you want to see a real doctor who listens and is not looking at a computer instead of you, you will love this group.

    Kathryn Kincaid
  • Dr. Inaam Schneider was my physician for several years in Hickory, NC.  She provided excellent care and spent extra time getting to the bottom of my medical concerns.  She truly cares about her patients, and listens to them.  I never felt rushed and I always felt very well cared for.

    Julie Stecher
  • As a Nurse of 34 years and 28 of those years in Nursing Administration I had the advantage of witnessing the medical staff of a 355 bed hospital. I have seen both good and bad qualities in the medical staff therefore I chose Dr. Inaam Schneider as my personal Physician for her excellent care in the treatment of all her patients. She was up to date on all medical information and her delivery was of compassion and kindness. I wish you were here to practice but I understand that family comes first and I admire that quality most of all in you.

    Sharon Yoder, RN, BA
  • Congratulations Drs. Schneider!  Your website is exciting to explore and exemplifies the quality of care you gave me for many years in Hickory.  For a doctor in this day and time to really get to know their patient and remember about that person rather than reading a chart is very hard to find.  I have always considered Dr. Inaam a friend and my doctor.  If ever I need your services and expertise you will definitely hear from me!

    Lindsey Scronce
  • Dr. Inaam, congratulations on the opening of your Raleigh office! I'm so glad you are back in the healing profession! I always felt you had my best interests at heart. I wish you the very best with your new practice!

    Ruth Campbell
  • Just a few words on the kind of doctors that are with Schneider Medical Group: Not only did they find out what was wrong with me, but my brother also. He died in 2006 and when I called in to tell Dr. Inaam this bad news, she not only came to the phone and talked with me, she also cried with me. These two have more than knowledge in medicine but have love and kindness for their patient's, and I am truly grateful for them.

    Marcy Collins Crawford
  • My visit with Dr. Schneider was well worth my time. I was looking for a new primary physician and her assistance was incredible. I have never had such a good experience with a doctor who truly took the time to listen and answer all my questions. I highly recommend her.

    Linda Arny
  • For any of you considering DPC for your medical needs ... I have enrolled with Dr. Inaam J. Schneider. I've seen her twice so far. The first time was because I was sick with bronchitis. The second was for my new patient physical. She is by far the most comprehensive doctor I have ever seen! She took the time to review my entire medical history, address any/all concerns I had, AND was genuinely interested in who I was as a person. Seriously, when do you ever get that from a doctor? On top of that, she followed up with me after hours on several issues and took the time to find my prescriptions at the lowest cost possible. Really? No doctor ever does that. Dr. Inaam J. Schneider does. If you are concerned about ObamaCare and the changes coming or if you are like us and just couldn't afford the new Marketplace pricing, go to Dr. Schneider. I am now convinced the DPC model is the way to go!

    Stephanie Hester
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