Direct Primary Care: An Innovative New Practice Model

The practice of medicine has undergone significant changes over the past few years. The subsequent overload of administrative waste and excess, as well as increased costs associated with third party payers has resulted in physicians spending less time with their patients. All of this has driven physicians to develop a new practice model known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC is a limited membership based practice that is affordable to almost everyone, NOT to be confused with high cost Concierge Medicine. DPC cuts down on governmental interference and bureaucratic red tape and restores the highly personal and satisfactory Patient-Physician relationship. Medicine the way it was. Medicine the way it should be.
In a Letter to the Editor posted on the News and Observer recently, Inaam J. Schneider, MD discusses DPC and the fact that non-physician ancillary health personnel today have risen 3,000 percent over the past 30 years, while the number of physicians has risen only 200-300 percent. This growth is causing increased health care costs to all involved. This has created an overwhelming burden of additional time placed on the physician in data gathering, complicated justifications and rigid treatment guidelines that ultimately force the physician to accept a health care plan which is industry dictated based upon payer financial considerations.
Cutting out the middle man of health care allows physicians to focus on the health of their patient. DPC physicians and their patients control health care based upon the actual needs of the patient. Avoiding the intrusiveness of third party payers allows the focus to return to the patient with the subsequent increase in quality of care. DPC is very attractive to the underinsured, especially those with high deductible insurance plans, and uninsured, but is also available to those who have health insurance looking for higher quality health care.
In essence Direct Primary Care presents a much welcome return to traditional comprehensive and highly personalized patient care. DPC tends to do this at a lower cost affordable by just about everyone.
Schneider Medical Group, PA in North Raleigh is a Direct Primary Care practice offering personalized and comprehensive acute and chronic medical care to their patients. For more information, contact Dr. Inaam Schneider at (919) 301-8971.

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  • Bernice Hudson

    I would like to know if I am a candidate to become a patient there? I am retired military and have Tricare Standard Retiree as primary health coverage. I go to the VA for most of my routine screenings care. I have chronic illnesses/pain that I suffer with and would like to seek alternative treatments to see if I would benefit from it. The pharmaceutical drugs/treatments I’ve been using for years basically aren’t working anymore. I don’t want to continue increasing doses or adding additional drugs. I hope that I am able to be seen at your facility.

    • Sandi Monroe

      DPC is a membership practice that creates a Doctor – Patient relationship that is not affected by interference from the insurance company or the government. We do not participate in any insurance plans or Medicare (we are considered out of network), but will help you in filing for insurance benefits by giving you the necessary documentation.

      The goal of DPC is to spend the time needed to explore all your medical problems and treatment options that are tailored for you. We take the time out to listen to you and answer all your questions.

      Please click here to request a meet and greet visit for more information or call us today at
      919-301-8971 for more information.

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