Why a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables is a Must For Good Health


In the past four decades, our modern diet has undergone a drastic change. Today our diet consists of processed and synthetic foods. The ready availability of fast foods is one of the common reasons why we have stopped eating vegetables and fruits. Also associated with this drastic change in our diet has been an increased prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and obesity.

Even Africa, a continent beset with poverty and famine, is now struggling with obesity. To counter these adverse effects of a processed food diet, healthcare professionals like those at our Wake internal medicine office are now urging that the public start to eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

There is ample evidence showing that a vegetable and fruit diet has many health benefits. There is no one particular fruit or vegetable that is recommended, as all vegetables and fruits have their benefits and it is important for the public to eat a variety of these foods. Besides preventing weight gain, fruits and vegetables relieve constipation, prevent diverticulitis, colon cancer, and lead to lower levels of cholesterol in the body.

Other research shows that long-term consumption of fruits can lead to better control of blood sugars and high blood pressure. Unlike processed foods, almost all fruits and vegetables contain high level of essential vitamins and minerals. If you maintain a diet of vegetables and fruits, there is absolutely no need to take extra health supplements.

One does not have to eat just fruits and vegetables, however, because this can become dull over time. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot eat whole grains, a variety of nuts, some cereals and low fat dairy in line with your healthy vegetable and fruit eating habits. The most important thing is not to over eat. When you schedule a consultation at Schneider Medical Group’s Wake internal medicine office, we can determine what the best calorie goal and nutrition plan for you should be.

In North America, fruits are seasonal, but most vegetables are readily available in almost all grocery stores. Not only are these foods less costly than meat products, but they are fresh and less likely to contain additives and preservatives. It is never too late to start eating fruits and vegetables for most healthy adults and children.

There is ample literature on vegetables and fruits online. However, if one is really not sure where to start, visit our clinic at Wake Internal Medicine. We have health professionals who can provide you will all the information you need. More important, they will answer any question that you may have.

To maximize the benefits of a diet that consists of fruits and vegetables, one must also exercise. The type of exercise is not important. Even walking will do but it has to be done on a regular basis. Furthermore, one must drink ample water, discontinue smoking and limit the amount of alcohol.

If you are thinking about a fruit and vegetable diet, come visit our Wake Internal Medicine clinic where our healthcare professionals can tell you what you should be eating and what to watch out for.

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